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Hi Mehmet,                                                                  

I did hear back from them – just yesterday in fact, and they wrote to me that they had an excellent trip, and that all of the services were provided were very good...... many thanks to you and your staff! 

For what it is worth, and only in the way of additional feedback, they also mentioned that they felt that Cappadoccia was worth only a two day visit, and that the Four Seasons in Istanbul is “very nice (particularly in location) but not one of the best places in the world”.... They also said that they thought the Feryay Restaurant was great.... 

Again, many thanks and I’ll let you know when I next have clients that want to visit Turkey.... 

I hope all else is well, and will look forward to catching up with you over a drink sometime this summer....

Best regards,

Tov Mason

Dear Mehmet:

We were extremely impressed with your travel company and the services you provided.

Bulent was knowledgeable, accommodating, and fun. He showed a great deal of interest, energy, and enthusiasm in helping us find people and sites associated with our grandfather who was a medical missionary. He was very patient teaching us about your country.

Our driver, Hakim, was most accommodating and also a very good driver.

We liked the small hotels with some local flavor even though at times we would have liked a little larger room, a little more light in the room, and
better plumbing! The breakfasts were adequate, but our group would have
liked some type of cereal each morning.

Anyway, all of us liked the itinerary you planned for us and would certainly recommend your company to anyone who would like an interesting, educational tour of Turkey.

Thank you for your attention to detail and for a wonderful trip.


Lou Ellen Ruesink

MARGARET & KEN OSBORN / U.S.A (08.10.06)
Dear Mehmet,

Here we are home again after a fabulous trip to Turkey. Every time we go we always think that this trip couldn't be better than the last--but it always is. This trip was absolutely everything that we had hoped and dreamed about--primarily because of Bulent. He did a fabulous job seeing to our every need and desire. He is such a fine young man; you are very lucky to have him for a friend.

There are just not words to express to you the honor you showed us by having your family invite us into their home. Asra and her family were just delightful--beside being a great cook!. I do hope we get to see all of them again sometime. I have written her hoping that I can help her with her English. Ibo is such a bright young boy--he reminded us of you.

Thank you again for all of your concern and help in making this trip so memorable.


Margaret and Ken Osborn

Estimado Mehmet:

Quisiera darte un poco de feedback de mi experiencia, lo cual creo siempre es importante.

Agradezco toda la colaboracion y te he de manifestar que el viaje a tu pais nos gusto muchisimo a mi esposa y a mi.

De mi estadia en Estambul, te comento: el transporte fue excelente, el carro estaba en perfectas condiciones y en verdad era de lujo. El hotel esta convenientemente ubicado y creo es adecuado a su precio, la atencion alli esta adecuada, el desayuno bien y la vista muy bonita. En cuanto al guia, Isaac es una persona muy muy amable, muy respetuoso y muy considerado. En estos aspectos le doy un 10 y tal vez mas que eso, sin embargo su nivel de conocimiento o al menos la cantidad y calidad de informacion es limitada. Me explico mejor, si bien nos daba informacion, cuando se le hacian preguntas especificas en muchas ocasiones no supo responder o agregar mayor cosa. Comprenderas que en un tour privado, se da la situacion que uno quiere saber mas en detalle sobre lo que visita o ve. No obstante esto, quiero insistirte en la calidad de persona que es Isaac y que en todo momento fue muy amable lo cual una aprecia en un tour privado. Las comidas estuvieron bastante bien los tres dias y lo visto en los tour muy interesante y provechoso.

En cuanto a la segunda parte, el transporte adecuado, los hoteles bien en Kusadasi y por supuesto que en Bodrum el Hotel nos encanto, caro pero excelente decoracion, muy buen trato, increible vista, fenomenal desayuno, en fin todo de primera. En cuanto al guia es una persona con mucho conocimiento general, cualquier cosa que se le pregunta tiene criterio, aunque a veces un poco "Yo soy el unico que se", pero en verdad es una persona muy estudiada. Su amabilidad la basica, en cambio el chofer fue otra de las personas que se mostro muy muy amable con nosotros en todo momento. El tour muy interesante, a pesar del fuerte calor lo disfrutamos. Las comidas fueron un poco mas basicas aca, pero bien.

Debo indicar que la senora que atiende en tu agencia, tambien es muy amable.

Bueno, mi intencion es como te indicaba darte un poco de feedback, espero te sirva en algun sentido.

Lamento toda la complicacion de la tarjeta de credito y la confusion del tema del almuerzo. Pero te agradecemos a ti y a la agencia la atencion y ayuda en nuestro inolvidable viaje a Turquia que nos dejo con el fuerte deseo de regresar ojala pronto.

Erich Meza

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NAHEED JIVANI / U.S.A (09.08.06)
Mehmet and Tijen,

Thank you for setting up the trip. The planning and itinerary was perfect. We were able to do exactly what we wanted given our time frame. Next year I think we will try and make Cappadocia and Greece.

The tours were quite professional and much history was given. We were able to enjoy the nightlife in Bodrom as well as Istanbul and see a fair amount of history within Turkey.

I do appreciate your professionalism and would definitely recommend your services.

Hope all is well...

Thank you again,

Naheed Jivani

JUDY & STEVE HAGEN / U.S.A (25.04.06)
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Bulent Karamanhoglu for such an enjoyable time in Istanbul. He was an excellent guide - so passionate about Turkish history. He was able to bring that history to life for us - which made for an unforgettable trip. We learned so much about your culture thanks to Bulent.
Thank you for your help in arranging our tours.


Judy and Steve Hagen

Hats off to our driver as well!

TOM & LINDA BOOTH / U.S.A (29.12.05)
Dear Mehmet,

It has been just over a year since we landed in Istanbul. We miss Turkey very much. Linda & I have been talking about you, Bulent and Orhan and our trip for the whole year! We really had a wonderful vacation thanks to your efforts. We are wanting to come back to Turkey this summer and we think we could like to do the Blue Voyage. I don’t have the dates yet but I will let you know as soon as I can.

Happy New Year!
Tom & Linda

Dear Mehmet,
Just a short message to let you know that I was quite satisfied with the package which your agency arranged for me and that I truly enjoyed my short stay in Istanbul. It turned out to be a very refreshing introduction to a beatiful country and people. In great part, this was due to Bulent's professional approach, great personality and knowledge about Istanbul and Turkey. As I said to him, I have always been weary of organized tours but this time, it felt like visiting a great city with an old friend.

I will make sure to come back in the very near future, so you will probably be hearing from me again and from some of my friends also.

Mil gracias y un fuerte abrazo.


Barbara and I have just returned home after a magnificent vacation in Turkey. As for our trip, all of your hotel selections were great. Each place had its own character and unique charms which made the trip very special. We visited so many magnificent sites and ate great food and met wonderful people. It was truly a great 10 day trip.

Once again, thank you very much for your assistance with our trip....it was a fabulous success. When we return to visit Cappodoccia and other parts of Turkey that we're not familiar with we will contact you and your company.

Jerry Buckingham

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Dear Mr. Mehmet:
Just a few words to thank you for a wonderful tour we had during last September. We hope to spend our future vacation knowing a little more about your beautiful country. All details during the tour were perfect. Your guides, the hotels, the locations, everything was excellent.

Best regards to all of you.

Oscar & Magali L. de Guevara

Dear Bulent and Mehmet,
Thanks again for organising a fabulous trip for Paul and I. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and look forward to meeting you again in İstanbul.

In the meantime, we are distributing your business cards to all of our friends!

With warm regards,
Rachel and Paul

LISA BLUNDELL / USA ( 09.06.03)

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour your provided in Istanbul. Your agency went beyond our expectations and made our day absolutely wonderfuL!! We can't thank you enough for making our day in Istanbul one of the most memorable of our trip.

Many, many thanks,
Lisa, Sam, Jason and Lynn Blundell






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BEN CARLICK / USA ( 05.11.02)
Dear Mehmet,

Both Dee and I wanted to say that we really appreciated your efforts on our behalf to book our hotels, and make adjustments during out trip. Our trip went very smoothly, in part because of your assistance. And, we wanted to thank you. A sad thing about the internet is that you do not get to meet people in person. And, it would have been nice to have at least say hello to you.

Our trip to Turkey -- what little we actually saw -- was just terrific. A highlight was Kas, though there were many others. It is interesting that upon return to San Francisco, and discussing our trip with friends, a common question is "how did the Turks treat you as an American?" There is a pervasive feeling in SF that Turks would be pretty mad about the US planning war against Irag, and "forcing" Turkey to allow the US to use the military bases. It is surprising to people when we tell them that Turks were just wonderful in their interaction with us.

Thanks again,

Dear Mehmet,

I just wanted to write and thank you very much for the wonderful service you provided. Everything went so smoothly, we could not believe it. We had a wonderful time, and bought far too many things to bring home. Turkey is truly an incredible country, and we would love to return sometime. The Jockey Club also did a wonderful job of hosting this conference. I think that we saw of much of Turkey as was possible in two weeks.

Thank you very much again for your efficient, friendly care of us.

Best regards,

Liz Salmon

ALENE STICKLES / USA ( 18.09.02)Mehmet,

My family's trip to Turkey was fantastic, and I want to thank you for all the effort you put into making sure we had a wonderful visit. I really appreciate your attention to detail, your willingness to answer my numerous questions, and the way you tailored our trip specifically for our interests and budget.

This was the first time the other members of my family had traveled overseas. Because all of our travel and hotel arrangements were taken care of we were able to devote our attention to enjoying our exploration of Turkey without the worry of figuring out how to get from place to place and where to stay.

The guides we had were very knowledgeable and eager to share their love of Turkey with us. We were amazed by the diversity of geography and climates in Turkey, and were fascinated by the wealth of history and culture. The trip was a perfect blend of urban and rural, culture and nature, face-paced and leisurely.

We came back to the States and eagerly shared our experiences with anyone who would listen. We highly recommend Turkey as a vacation destination, and highly recommend your firm for those who will be traveling there.

Thank you again for a fabulous time!

Alene J. Stickles
Portland, Oregon

ILANA GAFNI / USA ( 17.07.02)
Hello Gurkan and Mehmet,

Just wanted to let you know that we made it back home, safe and sound. Thank you both so much for everything you have done for us. The organization of the trip, the guidance, the personal touch, and attention to details were all superb and exceeded our expectations. We had a most wonderful time in Turkey. You sure have a beautiful country, so full of natural beauty and history. Above all the Turkish people are SO nice. I have never encountered a country with nicer people, Seriously. People everywhere were going out of their way to help and accommodate.

Thank you again. The success of our trip should largely be contributed to your dedicated work. We will be back!

Until next time,

and joining me are Ari, Osnat, Orna, Iris and Adam.

Dear Mehmet,

I am thrilled to report the Gafni's had a wonderful time in Turkey. Of course we knew that would happen - right? I just wanted to share what she said and say a BIG thank you.

"Thank you so much Diane for helping us pull it off. It seemed pretty challenging at times, but you were very patient with us and the result was a most wonderful and well organized trip. If you want to hear details please feel free to call me and I'll be happy to tell you as much as you care to hear. And again, kudos to Adelphia. They did a wonderful job and took care of us above and beyond the call of duty."

We don't usually do a lot of Turkey but if anyone wants a great place to go I will be suggesting it and passing the word.

You have been great to work with and I hope to continue selling Turkey and Adelphia in the near future.

Take care,

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MARIA MORCILLO / USA ( 15.05.02)
Mehmet and Gurkan: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your kind help while I was in Istanbul. Everything turned out fine and your city is beautiful!! I will recommend your agency to my friends! Many thanks. Maria Morcillo

MOHAMMAD YAMIN / USA ( 22.04.02)

Hi. How are you doing? I came back from my trip two weeks ago, and I must say that my trip to Turkey was one of the most memorable trips of my life. I owe it all to your perfect arrangements at Adelphia Travel. The food, culture, and building architectures were magnificent. Your staff were knowledgeable and friendly, and made my visit a breathe of fresh air. Thus, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank them all, and hope to see you again soon.

Best regards,

M. Yamin

NADIA PERVEZ / USA ( 14.04.02)
Mehmet and Gurkan

We wanted to thank you for helping us arrange our trip to Turkey. We had a wonderful time (despite the cold and sometimes rainy weather). We really enjoyed the tour of Istanbul and the drive along the Med. Coast was beautiful. All the hotels you suggested were nice and centrally located. We especially enjoyed our time in Bodrum (although it rained the day of our yacht cruise). We hope to return to the country on sunnier days. When we do, we will contact you again.

Hope you both are well.
Nadia and Bilal

BRUCE FANE / USA (06.12.01)
We returned from our cruise yesterday and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the tours in Turkey. It was certainly fortunate for us to have found you on the Internet. The guides were wonderful. They were not only very knowledgeable, but very friendly and helpful. We also appreciate the change you made for us for Kusadasi on short notice. We loved seeing your country even though it was a very short visit. We hope to come back someday to see more. I would also not hesitate to refer friends to you in the future who might travel to your country. Thank you for the wonderful job that you did.
Bruce Fane

Dear Mehmet,
I wanted to make sure and send you a thank you for arranging all the details of mine and Patrick Jansen's tour through Istanbul, Cappadocia and the west coast of Turkey last month. We especially wanted to send a huge Thank You to Gürkan, who we really enjoyed having as our guide through Istanbul. He was knowledgeable, friendly and a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with. Please pass on our thanks.
Many warm regards,
Neal McCall & Patrick Jansen

Dear Mehmet,
Please know that if you would like to have another testimonial about your excellent service that we would be glad to furnish one. We were so pleased with your ability to put together our Turkey trip this summer and would like to help you generate more business.
Mary Ann Sternberg

Very pleased with your service, assistance and help with some misunderstandings at the hotel. Your follow-up and inquiries as to our well-being are greatly appreciated. We loved Turkey especially Istanbul and will recommend your company to our friends when they visit. We will definitely call on you when we next visit. A pleasure doing business with you.
Dan & Monica Hennessy

Thank you so much for arranging our vacation to Turkey. We had a wonderful honeymoon that we will remember forever. The sites were amazing, the local people were friendly, and the tour guides were some of the most knowledgeable, helpful people we've ever met. Thank you again for such a wonderful vacation! If any travelers ever need convincing to give Turkey a try, give them our e-mail address. We will be happy to recommend both your agency and your country.
Christina & Eric Nail

Dear Semih,
We both want to thank you for all the help you gave us which helped to make our trip to Turkey really fantastic. We only wish that we had been able to stay for a longer time. We definitely want to return one day. We loved being in Istanbul, but we were also happy to head out into the country to Konya and Antalya. In Konya, Hotel Selcuk was really nice. The boat trip that we took from Antalya was wonderful. We stopped at ruins each day, sometimes we met a bus and drove inland a few hours to see a ruin. It was very hot, but we didn't care as we knew that we would be swimming as soon as we got back to the boat. We snorkeled and kayaked and swam and ate good food and had the best time ever. It is hard to be back at work, our hearts are still in Turkey. We are dreaming of our next adventure there.
Thank you again for all your help,
Toddy and Doug Munson

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Dear Mehmet,
Richard and I are back home after our 10 days in Turkey. I am sure you have seen and spoken to Gurkan since we had the pleasure of his company for two days in Istanbul, thanks to your wonderful arrangements. We enjoyed every minute with him. He was very informative, helpful and great company. His ideas for getting us to see all the sights were incredibly well organized. He moved us around with great ease and speed, a skill we admired tremendously. He was able to cover everything we wanted to see-and more-in the two days, and nothing was too much trouble for him. His English is excellent and he really put himself out to accommodate our wishes and help us in every way possible. He exemplified the Turkish characteristic of amazing hospitality and we felt very welcome in your city. Thank you again for organizing him to come to our hotel and to be our guide. We will not hesitate to recommend Adelphia and Gurkan. I will be putting together a slide show and marketing an article about our trip so we will send you copies of any publications.
All the best, Wendy

MAY LIU / USA (20.06.01)
Dear Mr. Semih,
We just got back from Turkey where we had a great time. We absolutely loved your country. Just want to thank you for your great service. Everything you planned worked out beautifully. I will certainly recommend Turkey and your company to all my friends.
Best wishes,

ELLEN GRAHAM / USA (19.06.01)
Dear Mr. Mehmet and Mr. Gurkan,
On behalf of Mike and Leslie Moore and Joe and I, I would like to thank you for the travel arrangements you made. Each of our guides and drivers did outstanding jobs. In every case they worked very hard to make our trip enjoyable. We would be happy to recommend your agency to anyone about to travel in Turkey. The vans were clean and neat and large enough for all our luggage and were equipped with air-conditioning which made our trip much more comfortable. At every stop we were met right on time and driven to the appropriate spot. The guides spoke very clear English and were very knowledgeable about the history of the area as well a pleasant, polite and attentive. Turkey is an interesting, beautiful country and the people we were privileged to meet were friendly and helpful. What a wonderful trip!
Thank You
Ellen Graham

Dear Mehmet,
We have finally gotten over the jet lag and have put all our treasures from Turkey where we want them in the house. The Kilims and the pottery look beautiful. Our trip to Istanbul was most enjoyable and satisfying and relaxing. We wish to thank you for making such great arrangements for us. You have a beautiful city and country. The dinner with the music was also an unforgettable experience. We will definitely have to explore the rest of Turkey sometime in the future. Please keep us in mind if something interesting comes up.
Tariq and Shahnaz Kureshy

Dear Gurkan,
Thanks for the great trip you made possible. I had a wonderful time in Turkey. Tell Atilla thanks also. He was a great guide, driver and companion on our journey along the Black Sea. Also tell Mehmet thanks for the planning and prompt responses to me in putting our trip together. We went to Romania, Hungary and Italy and had a great time with no problems. But, Turkey is still my favorite because o nice warm friends. Hopefully, we can stay in touch and meet up with each other again in the near future. For your information, Turkey and Turkish Airlines are advertising alot on our national TV stations. I guess the secret of Turkey is getting out to the general public.
Thanks again, Scott Parker

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Dear Gurkan,
We wanted to thank you for all your assistance on our trip through your beautiful country. The overnight train worked very well and the evening boat ride to the train station was memorable. Accommodations on the train were very nice and we had a good rest before arriving in Ankara. Bus travel turned out to be very easy and as you indicated, there were many departures from most locations. Finally your hotel suggestion in Istanbul was very nice. Once again, thank you for all you did for us. Turkey did not let you down. We can hardly wait to return,
Dave and Sue Albertson

Merhaba Mehmet, All the people who traveled this past November say hi. They were delighted with the trip and very surprised you speak Spanish. So this message is just to let you know that we are very pleased with your service. We hope to continue working with you this year and all of those coming.
Greetings to all the people at your office.
Manuel Vazquez & Laura Aguirre

We have all gotten together and still talking about our wonderful trip to Turkey and certainly you and all the guides helped make the trip so special. I am working with some people who would like to travel this fall if they go, you certainly will hear from me.
Thanks again,
Peggy Cohen, Suntreader Travel

Dear Mehmet Semih Sen, We have fond memories of Turkey and infact brought our daughter as soon as we could because of your hospitality. Your arrangement was excellent and your service was very personal and extremely professional. We certainly could not have enjoyed Turkey without your personal and intimate service. We have traveled for at least for 30 years and your services and professionalism stands at the top. We talk about our experience to all our friends. I can without any hesitation recommend your services because we speak from our hearts. Anytime we speak to anyone, we talk about our pleasurable services and great time we had. Warmest regards, Jessie and Surinder Singh

Many thanks for your professional help in arranging my itinerary at such short notice last September. The accommodation in Izmir were excellent, that in Canakkale very adequate. Your suggestion to fly back to Istanbul rather than drive was well-appreciated. Best wishes, Peter Karpawich

Not only did I enjoy in May the most wonderful and personalized service I have received in my 30 years of international travels, my sister and her family did too. They stayed three days in July, in a packed itinerary including private yacht cruise on the Bosphorus. This was prior to cruising out of Istanbul, staying at the Kempinski Ciragan Palace. In my case, it was a three week trip throughout Turkey, on a more modest basis. Additionally, being a retired former Vice President for American Express TRS Co. Travel Division for Latin America, I know a few things about tour operating. This was also my fourth trip to Turkey, so I am in a good position to compare operators. These guys are simply the best. I can as well vouch personally for their representatives in the Aegean, Cappadocia, Kas and Antalya. The hotel owners I met along the way ran excellent establishments, and interestingly, also spoke very highly of Adelphia Travel, including highly personal remarks like their amazing punctuality in prepayment of the guests' accommodation. Some went on to complain how the large companies withheld payment for several months, taking advantage of their "high status". But the guys at Adelphia Travel actually paid in advance when possible. So, in addition to the laurels given to Adelphia Travel as a quality operator, these establishment owners insisted they often gave preferential treatment to their guests. I wish everyone a trip as pleasant, educational, and highly personalized, as tailored to your specifications, as my trip was. And in my case, I can assure Adelphia Travel made all the difference in this, my fourth trip there.
Bon Voyage, Gonzalo Melendez

To Mehmet ,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your excellent staff for making our trip to your country unforgettable. We often reflect on our journey and tell our friends about our experiences. Special thanks to Gurkan for his patience with all my questions during the planning stage. We did not want to travel with a group. Compliments to Gurkan for the arrangements he made and his trust in us. From the beginning to the end, my husband and I felt totally comfortable with the arrangements. The first part of our journey took us to Kusadasi as a base from where we made our day trips to the historical sites like Ephesus, Priene, Pamukkale etc. We highly recommend the guides and had very comfortable transportation and excellent driver. The knowledge of the guides impressed and inspired us. Hotel Korumar is beautifully located and we felt very comfortable. The second part of our trip took us to Istanbul where we, finally, got to meet Gurkan. It was a great pleasure to meet him at the airport. He made us feel "at home" right away. Bulent and Gurkan deserve special praise for not only showing us the best historical places but also introducing us to wonderful Turkish foods, and the Turkish culture. Though we were impressed by the long history of Turkey, they also brought today's Turkey closer to us. Gurkan's and Bulent's deep knowledge of historical Turkey and their diplomatic and personable way to connect it with today's Turkey was impressive. All our guides were flexible in their approach as to what was most of our fields of interest. After our absolute positive experience with you and your colleagues, we can only recommend your company to all the people who consider a trip to Turkey, may it be in a group but also to those who prefer and enjoy independent travel, i.e. a tailored trip to their liking and needs. Thank you for bringing your country closer to us and keep in touch,
Warmest regards,
Annemarie and Norman Hardy

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Our hearts also go out to Turkey. What an awful year that glorious country is having. We were totally devastated about the news of the terrible earthquake. Turkey and its very friendly, warm people should not have to deal with this. However, we are sure they will all work together to rebuild and help the injured and bereaved. I hope that countries like Canada will send as much assistance as possible. We travelled to Turkey in April of this year. We made our own arrangements for our transatlantic flight and a delightful week at a resort on the Mediterranean near Marmaris. The rest of our arrangements were made by a young Turk I met on the Internet when searching for local information. Everything he arranged went without a hitch and at prices better than I was being quoted myself. He arranged airport transfers in Istanbul and Izmir (all on time) plus the flights on Turkish Airlines, city tours in Istanbul and Ephesus, a hotel in Istanbul with a glorious roof terrace from which to watch all the shipping in the Sea of Marmara plus the Asian side and to visit with other guests many of whom were veteran travelers with life times of experiences to share, in addition the hotel was within walking distance of all the major tourist sites, and a hotel in Kusadasi on the Aegean where many of the cruise ships arrive and within easy reach of Ephesus and other archeological sites, plus a journey on one of the local Turkish bus lines. He was a free-lancer but tells me now that he and a friend have established their own travel agency. We would recommend his services highly if one wants to tailor an individual tour of Turkey. For us the highlight was an individual orientation he gave us just after we arrived. It was wonderful to be introduced to a great city by someone who lives there, is knowledgeable about it and loves it. He pointed out things one doesn't usually hear about on a city tour i.e., the best meatball restaurant in Istanbul, places not to go to etc.. So give his web site a visit and then pack your bags for a great adventure!
Peggy Smyth

Best wishes to all of you. I had such a good time in Turkey. That trip is going to be in my memories for all my life, those experiences that you would tell your grandchildren. Thanks for all your services and be sure that I recommended visiting Turkey to a lot of people, Rey


Hi Mehmet, I cant begin to tell you how fantastic our holiday in Turkey was. Your organization did a great job. There was not one thing that went wrong. Please feel free to have anyone contact me for a reference Warm regards and thank you for everything, Sandy & Brook Whitman

JEREMY METZ / USA (21.12.00)
Dear Mehmet and Bulent,
As I may have told you, I have traveled in western Europe for many years, but found in Turkey a warmth, charm and lack of over-development that are sadly missing in other countries that enjoy great natural, historical and cultural beauty. We also found ourselves very much enjoying the food and very impressed by the lodging values. Your involvement with the trip and your respect for our wishes including our desire to economize while still being comfortable (and in proximity to swimming pools for the kids) made a big difference. Absent your advice we would have found ourselves in large, American style resort hotels, which is really not what we wanted. So thanks again,
Best regards,
Jeremy and Noy Metz

Dear Mehmet,
Please be assured that both Karen and I very much enjoyed our visit to Istanbul which was made much better because of your gracious help and able assistance in learning the city. We both look forward to returning to your wonderful city at our earliest opportunity and we will definitely again hope that you can help us with arrangements. Thank you again for making our visit so enjoyable,
Warmest regards,
Grey and Karen Gorndt

Dear Mehmet Semih, I have been meaning to send you this e-mail for some time. As you know, my wife and I recently visited Turkey with the entire itinerary planned by your company. Everything about your assistance was excellent from the accommodations to the tailoring of a schedule to meet our needs and wishes. We were able to relax and enjoy every aspect of your beautiful country because we knew that at each stop people were expecting our arrival, and that the inns and hotels were clean, comfortable, affordable and for the most part charming. In addition, the personal service you gave us on our arrival in Istanbul was very much appreciated. We have already recommended your company to friends planing to visit Turkey and do not hesitate to give you our highest praise. Thank you for helping make our trip so memorable. Brian Patterson

My wife and I are independent travelers. This year we drove from Paris to Turkey where we spent three weeks. I had some language problems making reservations in some places but found the Adelphia Travel website and contacted Mr. Sen who made reservations for us in a few places we were having communication problems-including Alexanderapolis, Greece. He did what he said he would and we had no problems. We had most of our reservations ourselves and therefore did not give him that much business but he gave us first class service. From our experience he can be trusted and relied upon. We would not hesitate to use him again. Carlton Moore

UWE MANTHEI / USA (27.08.00)
Dear Gurkan,
Now that our trip has successfully come to an end allow me to thank you for your excellent work. Without your help, it would not have been possible. We will recommend your agency and website to all our friends who plan a visit to your wonderful country,
Sincerely, Uwe Manthei

Hi Mehmet, Just a quick note to let you know we made it home. Thank you so much for arranging such wonderful places for us to stay in Greece. You chose perfect places, affordable and in perfect locations, and we appreciate your help particularly given our last-minute request. Again, thanks very much for your assistance. It was a trip that will be remembered for a lifetime. Best wishes, Merry

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BILL BRAUER / USA (11.06.00)
Mehmet and Bulent,
Thank you both for helping on our trip to Istanbul. We would not have been able to see all that we saw without your help. I have written an article for a handicapped travel site and have recommended you. You may use me as a reference if you wish. Thanks again,

Bill Brauer

GARY G. WALL / TEXAS-USA (07.12.99)
Dear Mehmet,
In 30 years of extensive world travels, I have rarely had a travel agent meet my expectations. On my recent trip to Istanbul and Cappadocia, you and the service you provided far exceeded my expectations. Never before have I experienced the immediate responsiveness, attention to details, knowledgeable and personalized service that you gave me. The many suggestions and recommendations from you were not only accurate but extremely beneficial. Due to the tremendous amount of information you provided me, I felt as though I had my own personal guide during my journey. Obviously your concerns were directed toward my wants and needs. You were totally motivated by the desire for me to have the most enjoyable experience possible while in your wonderful country. A a result, my trip was far more gratifying than it would have been had I booked through another agent. I can never thank you enough for your dedication in making my travel experience the very best it could possibly be. I whole heartily and without hesitation endorse you as Istanbul's "preferred travel agent". Please feel free to have anyone contact me regarding your service. Thank you for being an exceptional agent.
Sincerely Yours,
Gary G. Wall
Sr. Vice President of Global Broadcasting Corporation

OSCAR ARIAS Y JUAN ARAUZ / SAN JOSE-COSTA RICA (Septiembre de 1999) Hace pocas semanas regresamos de un maravilloso e inolvidable viaje a Turquia. Cuando lo planeabamos, nos embargaban muchos tempres, producto de la distancia y la poca informacion que tenemos de ese pais: como seria la gente, el pais, la comida, sus costumbres, las ciudades, el transporte, eran nuestras preguntas entre muchas otras mas. Aun asi y con poca la informacion que logramos conseguir, nos arriesgamos en una aventura, la cual nunca la olvidaremos, pus logramos descubrir un pais bellisimo, y un pueblo amable y carinoso, siempre dispuesto a ayudar al turista. Nuestra estadia fue aun mejor, gracias a Mehmet , quien con sus consejos y guia, supo orientarnos para descubrir su pais y traernos de ella muchos buenos recuerdos y experiencias inolvidables. Desde que regresamos hemos recomendado a todos nuestros amigos que viajan a Turquia, para que puedan aprender a querer a esa pais, y puedan vivir tantas experiencias lindas que ofrece ese pais magico. Y nosotros ya hacemos planes para regresar pronto,
Oscar Arias & Juan Arauz

We have just returned from a great three week trip to Turkey which was well planned and organized by Mehmet. He did a great job picking out good hotels within our price range. He also rented us a car which worked beautifully, and he gave us the personal attention we like when we travel. We have been far and wide, but I see Turkey as a place we will want to return to, and I am sure that we will use Adelphia Travel with each trip back to this unique land. What a delight to find an efficient travel agency who knows the country and listens to your needs and comes in under the budget you gave them. Add their fine customer oriented service to the alluring country of Turkey and its friendly people, and I know you will have a great vacation. You can not go wrong choosing Mehmet's fine company as your local expert in Turkey. Have a great experience, Charles E. Brannon

Dear Gurkan and Semih,
We have finally returned home after a great trip. We feel we were very lucky to have found you and were very happy with all you did for us in Istanbul. Also, some friends of ours are leaving for Istanbul next week and want to use you for their city tours . I will give them your e-mail address today. We will continue to refer you to anyone we know who is going to Turkey- a country that we liked very much. Hopefully, we will return next year.
Clarice and Marty Shtrax

I would highly recommend contacting Mehmet of Adelphia Travel if you are planing a trip to Turkey. He gave us great travel tips and assisted us with our travel arrangements within Turkey, arranging our local air transportation, tour and some accommodation. You could not find a better and more accommodating tour guide within Istanbul. He is very knowledgeable about his city and country taking us to places which most tourists would not find or go. He also does personal guided tours within the country. Mehmet is a very friendly and personable man. We were very fortunate to have met him as we had a very wonderful and memorable trip to Turkey and would love to go back again. Thank You Mehmet, Brian

Dear Mehmet,
I would like to thank you and commend you for the service you provided to our group when we traveled to Turkey in October 98. All of my clients were most satisfied with your choice of hotels, transportation and for your personal guidance. They were truly impressed with your knowledge of the several areas we visited and your response to all their needs whenever a request was made. Mehmet, please feel free to use my name as a reference whenever the need arises. You know how to contact me by e-mail or fax. Thank you once again for making our trip to Turkey a memorable one. You can be sure that I will return again with other groups that want to travel there.
Best regards,
Rosemary Dallas, Fort Orange Travel Albany-New York

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