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Old city Tour
The tour begins with a visit to the Imperial Palace of Topkapi, from which Ottoman Sultans ruled their grand empire for over 400 years, with Treasury section included. Following a lunch break in the old town, you will visit the Hagia Sophia, a 5th century church, once the greatest in all the world. The next stop is at the Blue Mosque, renowned for its striking blue Iznik tiled interior. The ancient Roman Hippodrome follows, featuring the Egyptian Obelisk and other monuments. A final stop-off is at the world-famous Grand Bazaar - a shopper's paradise of over 4000 authentic shops, ending the tour.
Begin the day amid the wafting aromas of the Spice Market before visiting the Rustempasa Mosque - the piece de la resistance of mosques, praised for its graceful design. This is followed by a sightseeing boat cruise through the Bosphorus, the strait dividing the European and Asian continents, by which lunch will be served in Ortakoy, a quaint fishermen' village. In the afternoon, visit the 19th century Dolmabahce Palace, the last but most luxuriously opulent residence of the sultans.
Golden Horn & Pera
The most dominating landmark of the Golden Horn skyline fitfully opens the tour - Suleymaniye Mosque, a reflection of the Ottoman Empire at its peak. Next, gaze upon the breathtaking series of Byzantine mosaics and frescoes within the Chora Church. Afterwards, enjoy a coffee atop Pierre Loti Hill in Eyup, alongside a spectacular view of the Golden Horn. Following a lunch break at the oldest restaurant in Istanbul - Daruzziyafe, you will walk the streets of Pera, the cultural center of the city. End the day with a breathtaking full-circle panoramic view of the Golden Horn, Pera and the Bosphorus, from the Genoese Galata Tower.
Princes' Islands
Take a ferryboat to the tranquil Princes' Island of BŁyŁkada. Circle the island in a tour by horse-drawn carriage, taking in the splendid wooden summer mansions and their gardens en-route. Walk up to the Church of St. George on the crest of the hill, presenting stunning views across the Sea of Marmara and of Istanbul. Enjoy lunch by the shore of the island, before returning to Istanbul by ferryboat in the afternoon.
Bursa & Cumalikizik Village
Having crossed the Bay of Izmit by car ferry to Yalova, the tour begins at the picturesque village of Cumalikizik, a protected heritage site of charming old wooden Ottoman houses set against Uludag mountain. Following a lunch break, we arrive in Bursa and visit the Green Mosque & Tomb, the Grand Mosque (displaying beautiful Seljuk wall calligraphy) and the Silk Market & Covered Bazaar. The tour ends with a scenic drive leading across the hills of Uludag and Mount Olympos of Mysia, before returning back to Istanbul.
Dinner & Dance Show
Enjoy a scenic evening drive through a majestic city of illuminated palaces, mosques and bridges before arriving at the restaurant. Savor a full-course meal accompanied by a live musical and dance performance from a variety of regional Folk Dancers, renowned Belly Dancers and Turkish Pop Musicians, in full costume before you.
Jewish Heritage
Begin the day with a walking tour that takes you from Istiklal Street in Beyoglu to the Galata quarter - the way lined with historic diplomatic posts, handsome old houses, fashionable boutiques and upscale restaurants. Stop-off at Galata Tower, once the high-point of the Genoese fortified town, before visiting the Neve Shalom Synagogue, one of the larger modern synagogues in the city. Next is the Ashkenazi Synagogue; an attractive blend of European and Arabesque styles. Following a lunch break in the old town, the tour arrives at the Jewish quarter of Balat, alongside the Golden Horn, where we visit the Ottoman Baroque style Ahrida Synagogue. End the day with a coffee atop Pierre Loti Hill in Eyup, alongside a spectacular view of the Golden Horn.